Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 10th and 18th

January 10th,

Hi everyone,
This week has been great! We taught a lot and have made some big steps with a lot of our investigators. Sister Taulogo is so much fun and always keeps me laughing. Yesterday was p-day and we played four square and basketball as a district. After playing Four Square for a while we started to play with no hands, which was a lot of fun. Then we played on one leg, and with one arm. We looked like a bunch of chickens jumping around, but we were all laughing so hard most the time we couldn’t breath.
   This week there was a sister visiting her daughter who was a less active and invited us over to have family home evening with them. When we got there the daughter wouldn't come down stairs and neither would any of her kid. The Sister offered us some soup because our dinner appointment had canceled on us, so for we were all for it. She gave us the biggest bowl of soup you have ever seen! A family could have shared one of the bowls she gave us. She thought the more she gave us the longer we had to stay and the greater chance her daughter might come down the see us. Her daughter did come down and said hello, but not for long. We tried to tell her we were full and she tried to give us more and wouldn’t let us leave until we ate every thing she gave us! By the time we left you could have popped us. We didn't eat until the next night and I could have gone even longer. Everything is going great here and with Troy going in to the MTC tomorrow. I'm so excited it's all I want to talk about. I love you all, be good. If you have sometime read Alma 56 and think of how much faith those young man had do it! Because WOW!
Talk to you next week,
 Sister Cannaday

January 18th

         This week was a great one! I had my first baptism! What a cool thing to take part in, someone making promises to the Lord! It doesn’t get any better than that! Because we were the sisters that taught her I got to do all kinds of cool stuff that I would have got to do if I wasn't a missionary. I know this might not sound like a thrill to some of you but you know how I get super excited about little things. I got to fill the font!!!!! It was so cool to go in the boys charging room, have the special key, and turn on the water. For all you girls it looks just like a bath tube knob nothing special. : )  I thought it would be more special. Then we got to set up and take down, find people to give prays and talks, and print off the programs. I know that this might not sound like a big deal, but to me it was because it was for someone I love and watch the light of Christ fill her life! I wish you all could meet Stephony Nickol Jonson Africa. She has the biggest heart and the biggest smile to match. I'm so happy for her to have the great gift of the Holy Ghost. Stephony is 22 and has been deathly afraid of water she can't even be in a room with a bath tube full of water. Over the last 4 week she has been slowly working up to being able to get just her legs in the water. The really cool part was that when we told her she would be going all the way under the water she didn't question if she wanted to be baptized. Her eyes just got really big and said "Ok ...... I'll work on that." The Lord has blessed her in so many ways and she can see them all. The Elder that got to baptize her was the first one that she talked to and it was the first time he got to baptize anyone. This elder ever smiles, but when we told him he smiled from ear to ear. The time came to get in the font and the only one who looked scared was the elder. He was shaking bad, he messed up the pray and had to start over, the sprit was so strong! When she went under it felt like forever it was dead silent no one was saying anything except me whispering "Up Fast ....Up Fast!"  I was wonderful!
         I know now why Missionaries love baptizing..... It’s the BEST!
I love you all stay strong and remember that your heavenly father and I love you both. Love Sister Cannaday


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