Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here's the BEST address to send letters:

Sister Jillian Carol Cannaday
California San Jose Mission
3975 McLaughlin Ave Ste A
San Jose, CA, 95121-2631

Jill prefers letters not emails because it takes her too long to read the emails, but if that's all you can do it's better than nothing... Here's her email as well: 

Thanks for supporting her : ) 

My First Week In The Field! Nov 29, 2011

Hi everyone how was your Thanksgiving? Thanks for the letters they are wonderful to get.
      My new area is Morgen Hill, and I love it here! All the people are really nice, for the most part, and the town is so small that the biggest store is Target. The weather is beautiful! It's just chilly enough and just right to make the leaves change color right now. My trainers name is Sister Taulogo she is from Hawaii and is super funny! We laugh all the time and every now and then I randomly get tackled to the ground. (It's all out of love.I think...) The house I'm in is part of a members home and it's really big! I have been told that it's the mecca of all missionary apartments and I believe it.  Oh and the ward member feed us every night. : ) 
      I spent thanksgiving with a family in the ward here that reminded me A LOT of our family a few years ago. They are a big family with 6 kids the oldest is married and has two little ones that were running around. They poke each other and, stab each other with forks, and the little ones where playing under the table. But the part that made it feel the most like home was ...... The throwing of the rolls!! NO one passed them they just flew though the air like it was the most common thing in the world. Good times! I felt like I was at home. Oh and Brooke I ate more green bean casserole than anything else.
   The work is starting to pick up and some of the investigators that other missionaries taught we are now able to go teach and create a relationship with them, which is really cool. On Sunday I got to bare my testimony to the ward and tell them a little about myself. While I was talking a boy walked in, looked around, and sat down towards the back of the room. We got to talk to him after and he said that he has been in a dark place for a long time and would like to come back to a church and feel that light again. Well... he stayed for all three hours and came with us to the gospel principles class! They taught about baptisms for the dead in a way that made it clear to understand! He ask if he could come with them to the temple and do baptisms too? Wow! We explained that we could go to the temple but not inside and he still wants to go. We are taking him on Saturday so I get to go to the Oakland Temple!!! How cool!?
    After church he told us about his sister and her family and asked if they could come with him next week to church, we calmly said that we would love for her and her family to come, but inside I was jumping for joy.
    Later that night we had sometime before the first appointment and were visiting some old investigators and came across a girl named Amber so we dropped in on her and guess what... it was his sister and because he loved church so much and told her about it she is going to come and bring her mom, husband, and son. And to top it off she asked us if we could give her a Book of Mormon to read for next time! That was way cool! We also are teaching her on Wednesday and then again on Saturday!!!!
    The Lord is GREAT and is putting the right people here and us in the right places for us to teach them. I love this work. 
I love you all and you are all in my prayers!  
 Sister Cannaday 

November 22, 2011

Hi Everyone,
    I get to write you a little early this week because I don't get a  P-day. I just found out that I get to call from the airport in the morning if I have time so if there is a number that you don't know pick it up it's me.
    This week has been really great and really hard! I have learned so much here! I really don't want to leave this place the spirit is so strong and opens your mind up to the stuff God wants you to know. It's just.....    WOW.....
     I fly out tomorrow at 8am and get there at 9am. I can't wait to see my mission, where I'm going, and to meet my new companions (or i guess i will just have one now right?)
this new chapter of my life is so cool and fun. I wish I could tell you all that has happen and that you could meet the people I'm meeting.
      On Sunday everyone prepares a talk for sacrament meeting and then they just call 3 of us up on spot! Well... I didn't have time to prepare a talk because I was working on my lessons I was going to teach so... guess whose name gets called... that's right me.... I didn't know what to do. I was first too so I didn't have any time to collect my thoughts or anything. I went up there opened my notebook and pertended that I had something! Despite not having a talk ready I gave a great talk!l It was about Christ and my faith in him. I talked about the story of the bush and the grandener and how God has a plan for us and we just need to trust in him and everything will work out because he knows who he wants us to be.
    This week we got to be taught by the new kids that are just coming in and than tell them what they can work on. We watched a mess of a lesson where one elder knew so much and was trying to tell the investigators too much everyone was so frustrated that no one know what they were talking about no one even the person teaching.  After awhile the missionary gave up and ended the lesson. Then Sister Shoell told me to do something that a elder did to someone my first day. (She is way to shy to do this she would have died) I stood up pulled my chair right up to his, looked him in the eyes and said tell me the gospel and what it means to you? the missionary look around collecting his thoughts, I slammed my hands on the desk and said " NO don't think tell me from you heart. Open your mouth and let the spirit talk" The Spirt filled the room so greatly that by the time the elder spoke everyone had tears in their eyes. He said "this work is every thing to me ..... The Savior came so that we could go back to our Heavenly Father." If I have learned anything here it's that inn order to be a great missionary you have to teach clear simple doctrine from your heart. If you do that you can move mountains.
    I love you all! Thanks for the letters and I will send you my new address as soon as I get it. 
Sister Cannaday

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello Everyone!,

         My email works now yay!!!! Last week it wouldn’t let me email and I could get it fixed in time to write, but it’s working now!!!!!!
            I have been loving it here! I can’t wait to hear from you all again!  I love you all so much! And I thrive off of your letters!
         I only get 30 min to read and write emails so please write me letters instead of emails because it takes me way too long to read them.
         I have loved the MTC I have two companions and they are the best! I really love them! They are so nice and kind. One is from Sandy her name is Sister Shoell and the other one is Sister Qunnelly who is from Lee's Summit Missouri. They are way funny and fun to be with all the time, I don't know how people get sick of their companions because I couldn’t do this without them.
    The food is ok, but my body doesn’t like it at all! My tummy is always rolling around like it has a wild animal inside, but by the tender mercies of the Lord there is BYU ice cream every Wednesday and Sunday that brings true joy to my life. : )
    My district is rock’n they are all 19 and they act that way most of the time, like 90% of the time and the other 10 % you know that they are 19 for sure! But they are the first of many that I have this newfound love for everyone that I meet. The sprit is strong with this one. ; )
    They have changed the way they teach in the MTC that really don't teach you any doctrine you are suppose to prepare before you come. What they teach us is how to teach, feel the sprit, and know what they need to be taught. We get actors that come in and pretend to be investigators and we teach them real lessons. Some of them are members some are investigators and some are just nonmember that want to know more. But the cool thing is that we feel the sprit for these people and we can really feel the love that God has for them and can teach to their needs. IT IS SO COOL!!!!!!
    The sprit is so strong and I love having it with me the way that I do right now!
I'm out of time I just want to say that I love you all and send me letters and pictures they really make my day

 Sister Cannaday

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MTC Address!

Here is Sister Cannaday's address in the MTC:

Sister Jillian Carol Cannaday
California San Jose Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT, 84604

She has been in the MTC for a little over a day now and I'm sure everything she is experiencing is good, but a bit overwhelming at the same time! So go write her a letter I know she would appreciate hearing from you! The more support she gets the better! : ) 

Sister Jillian Cannaday

Jill got set apart as a MISSIONARY on Tuesday, November 1st! She received a great blessing and was promised may wonderful things because she has made the choice to serve the Lord! She will be missed very much while she is gone, but we are so excited for her to have this once in a lifetime experience!  As soon as we hear from her from the MTC I will post what she has to say on here for everyone to read! 

In the mean time here's a cute picture of her being a cute little missionary!