Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello Everyone!,

         My email works now yay!!!! Last week it wouldn’t let me email and I could get it fixed in time to write, but it’s working now!!!!!!
            I have been loving it here! I can’t wait to hear from you all again!  I love you all so much! And I thrive off of your letters!
         I only get 30 min to read and write emails so please write me letters instead of emails because it takes me way too long to read them.
         I have loved the MTC I have two companions and they are the best! I really love them! They are so nice and kind. One is from Sandy her name is Sister Shoell and the other one is Sister Qunnelly who is from Lee's Summit Missouri. They are way funny and fun to be with all the time, I don't know how people get sick of their companions because I couldn’t do this without them.
    The food is ok, but my body doesn’t like it at all! My tummy is always rolling around like it has a wild animal inside, but by the tender mercies of the Lord there is BYU ice cream every Wednesday and Sunday that brings true joy to my life. : )
    My district is rock’n they are all 19 and they act that way most of the time, like 90% of the time and the other 10 % you know that they are 19 for sure! But they are the first of many that I have this newfound love for everyone that I meet. The sprit is strong with this one. ; )
    They have changed the way they teach in the MTC that really don't teach you any doctrine you are suppose to prepare before you come. What they teach us is how to teach, feel the sprit, and know what they need to be taught. We get actors that come in and pretend to be investigators and we teach them real lessons. Some of them are members some are investigators and some are just nonmember that want to know more. But the cool thing is that we feel the sprit for these people and we can really feel the love that God has for them and can teach to their needs. IT IS SO COOL!!!!!!
    The sprit is so strong and I love having it with me the way that I do right now!
I'm out of time I just want to say that I love you all and send me letters and pictures they really make my day

 Sister Cannaday


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