Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 22, 2011

Hi Everyone,
    I get to write you a little early this week because I don't get a  P-day. I just found out that I get to call from the airport in the morning if I have time so if there is a number that you don't know pick it up it's me.
    This week has been really great and really hard! I have learned so much here! I really don't want to leave this place the spirit is so strong and opens your mind up to the stuff God wants you to know. It's just.....    WOW.....
     I fly out tomorrow at 8am and get there at 9am. I can't wait to see my mission, where I'm going, and to meet my new companions (or i guess i will just have one now right?)
this new chapter of my life is so cool and fun. I wish I could tell you all that has happen and that you could meet the people I'm meeting.
      On Sunday everyone prepares a talk for sacrament meeting and then they just call 3 of us up on spot! Well... I didn't have time to prepare a talk because I was working on my lessons I was going to teach so... guess whose name gets called... that's right me.... I didn't know what to do. I was first too so I didn't have any time to collect my thoughts or anything. I went up there opened my notebook and pertended that I had something! Despite not having a talk ready I gave a great talk!l It was about Christ and my faith in him. I talked about the story of the bush and the grandener and how God has a plan for us and we just need to trust in him and everything will work out because he knows who he wants us to be.
    This week we got to be taught by the new kids that are just coming in and than tell them what they can work on. We watched a mess of a lesson where one elder knew so much and was trying to tell the investigators too much everyone was so frustrated that no one know what they were talking about no one even the person teaching.  After awhile the missionary gave up and ended the lesson. Then Sister Shoell told me to do something that a elder did to someone my first day. (She is way to shy to do this she would have died) I stood up pulled my chair right up to his, looked him in the eyes and said tell me the gospel and what it means to you? the missionary look around collecting his thoughts, I slammed my hands on the desk and said " NO don't think tell me from you heart. Open your mouth and let the spirit talk" The Spirt filled the room so greatly that by the time the elder spoke everyone had tears in their eyes. He said "this work is every thing to me ..... The Savior came so that we could go back to our Heavenly Father." If I have learned anything here it's that inn order to be a great missionary you have to teach clear simple doctrine from your heart. If you do that you can move mountains.
    I love you all! Thanks for the letters and I will send you my new address as soon as I get it. 
Sister Cannaday


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