Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 27, 2011

Hi Everyone,
         It was so good to hear from you all I loved talking to all of the family!  I really miss all of you and your kids! Thank you for the works of encouragement and love REALLY thank you! This week has been great! I love Christmas time and all the singing that goes with. I have been singing everywhere I go and this is the only time that everyone doesn’t look at you weirdly (well only some do instead of everyone!). I feel like I don't have anything new to tell you because I got to talk to you two days ago.
   The rest of my Christmas was spent reading while my companion called her family, and visiting less active and investigators. I want everyone to know that I'm being taken care of out here! Really I am! I have eating more chocolate in the last week then in my entire life. If I were to give blood it would come out looking like chocolate syrup!  Oh wait… I did do something else on Christmas I went caroling with the sisters and elders in my district. It was nice to be doing some thing fun with people my age and to get to know them, most of them were really bad singers but they tried hard. : )
    Today we taught a sister named Kim they have been teaching her for a long time and she has never understood the story of how Joseph Smith got the plates. Last time we were there she told us that he stole them form the Catholics, with all of there gold. They have told her the story time and time again, but this time, some how, she got it and understood why we need a second book to help people understand the bible. Yah!  A really cool thing that also happened was that her two sons sat in on the lesson we asked them to read with their mom and they told us that they are two busy with their new stuff and she lectured them about putting God first and reading "God’s book"  she called it “God’s book” PROGRESS!  I really think things are going to start moving with her.
      Thank you everyone for everything I really love you all, stay strong, and thanks for taking my challenges. 
 Sister Cannaday

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011

         Ok, so, a lot has happened this week and it's all great! We are teaching all the time and everywhere. My favorite thing so far is helping families get ready to go to the temple, THIS IS WHY I'M HERE!  Getting a family ready to be sealed is such a blessing every time I teach. I get to tell them of all the blessings that come from the sealing power and the special sprit and peace that you feel when you know that your family will be together forever!
     This week I got the chance to eat with the Ives again. They are the family that I ate Thanksgiving with, but this time they had all 6 kids home. It was so much fun the sit a table where there was a brother and sister fitting over the rolls on one side, a sister who was in her 20's trying to give her little brother dog kisses, and a mom and son tell us stories about the little ones that they didn't want us to know.  The best party was when I was trying to give them a message it went something like this: I asked, "What is your favorite part of Christmas?" the only answer I got was "NERF WARS!!!!!''  from all of them at once. Every year they get a set of nerf guns and have a full out war. This just reminded me of all the years of egg fights, rubber band wars, and laser tag. I then told them about our family and how those are my fondest memories not because I got to case pain to my family members, but because it was really the only time in the year that we spent with each other. Those wars made us the loving family we are today. I love all of you and I want you to know that I will miss you this Christmas. My family means the world to me and I hope I can give that to my kids. Thank you, Mom and Dad!
         Hey for Christmas I want PICTURES! I can print any out please send me pictures of your kids! I’m going to miss every one of you!

         One more little story for this week! On Thursday we got to give a needy family a Christmas, it was way neat and we told them that If they ever need any help we could come over and help. Yesterday we went over and helped her get ready to Bug Bomb her RV that her and her two kids are living in. Well if you ask the missionaries for help you are also asking for a lesson :) so as I was vacuuming up roaches I was also baring testimony of the first vision the sprit was so strong! She is now going to take the lessons. It is always worth it! This gospel is true no matter what you are doing as long as it’s with love. (Even vacuuming up roaches!)

Love you all very much and Merry Christmas,
Sister Cannaday 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letter From Jill's Trainer!

This was put in our weekly news letter... I thought all of you might want to know how I'm doing!! : ) 
This is my trainer ...
Aloha president! Just wanted to tell you thank you so much for this opportunity to serve with sister Cannaday! She is amazing! :) We are both training each other! seriously! She is definitely one of those missionaries, that if you pull me out of this area now...she can handle it! She amazes me! I can see her training in 12 weeks if you asked her to! She has definitely come prepared! Miracles have happened already this week! On Sunday a young man walks in looking for a place to sit. Wearing a black hoodie, and black jeans, with a backpack...I could tell he had no idea about church. Morgan Hill 1st ward is so amazing...that after sacrament meeting they all came up to him and introduced themselves and took him straight to bishop...we didn't even get to him yet! So we finally got to him, and he told us that he met some sisters on the street that gave him a card. So he checked out the website and really wanted to learn more, he came to church. He stayed ALL THREE HOURS! (Holy cow that was cool)...we invited him to take the lessons which he accepted, and so we scheduled something for Friday. He told us afterwards that his sister and brother in law were interested too, and that they wanted to attend with him the following forward a few hours, we were searching through our former investigators and came across a girl that the sisters taught and dropped August of this year. So we decided to give it a shot, and see if perhaps she might be more prepared now even though it was a few months later! So we visit her, and she gives us a warm smile and invites us in, then says, yeah my brother just went to a Mormon church today and said that he loved it! And sister Cannaday and I asked is your brother’s name Burton!? And she said yes! She said, wow....I think this is a sign! So thank you to
the sisters who opened their mouth and handed Burton brown a card...he and his family are so prepared! I'm so grateful we have this opportunity to bring them into the gospel! HOORAH FOR ISRAEL
Sister Taulogo

December 13th

         I can't wait to see picture of the new Baby!!!!!

         I have had a really busy week. Another one of my investigators is getting baptized! That’s two!! Everything is going really well and I really love the work. So the story of the week… I love going up to everyone and talking to them, but last week I had a experience that hurt my feelings a little bit and made me a little scared to talk with everyone. Well… I decided not to let that one experience bring me down and I told myself that I was going to contact everyone no matter what. After I made this commitment I looked down the street and there were men standing in front of a store and one of them was a big black guy that was rather frightening. I went forward with faith! I walked right up to them and said "Hi" they replied with smile and then when back to their conversation. I just stood there and smiled (oh I didn't only want to talk to everyone, but I want to teach them the restoration) until they looked back at me. They weren't too thrilled when they looked and I was still there, but I pulled out a card and asked if they would look at a website for me as I spoke their faces softened and the big black guy said “Now how could I say no when you smile at me like that?” I know that it wasn't my smile it was the sprit that was there! When I act in faith I know that I will find the people that are prepared to hear the message and I will bring them the message that they are looking for. When you act in faith the Lord will bless you and you will know what to say and when. Never forget that the Lord loves you and knows who you are.
         It was stake conference this week and there were many great talks. I will mail them to Jenni because I don’t have time to write them now, but the one that stood out to me the most was one on coming to church and how everything that we are asked to do isn't because the Lord wants it that way it’s so the Lord can have a reason to bless us not only with the things we need, but also with what he want to give us to.
         I love you all so much be good and remember who you are
Love Sister Cannaday

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 6th, 2011

Hi everyone,
Things are moving fast out here and we already have one baptism date and two that we be set soon.  I really love being here and serving the Lord. I would tell you some really cool story, but this week was just full of teaching lessons and contacting. I found out that I get to call home Christmas day, so all of you should get together and tell me a time that would work for you if you want to hear from me. 

There is this neat old couple out here Brother and Sister Smith. Sister Smith called mom to make sure she knows I'm all right. If you ever need to get a message to me you can call her. They call here Sister Underground. The really cool thing about them, is that the have been married 50+ years and Bro. Smith just got baptized last year and they are getting sealed this January and Sister Taulogo and I get the great privilege of helping them get ready to go to the temple. He just keep saying where were you girls 50 years ago? I love going over there and teaching them they are just like another set of grandparent.
On sunday we had to leave the house a little early and guess what? There was frost on my windows! I had to scrape them my companion (who is from Hawaii) just stared not knowing what to do. It made me laugh.
One of the sisters that we are teaching, Amber, is all ready becoming a missionary. Last Sunday was her first time at church, she found out about the wards relife society luncheon, and she is planning on coming! The other day we were teaching her and she told us that she invited a friend who lived next door to come with her. She has only had two lessons and already wants to yell from the rooftops that this church is true. WOW some people are just waiting for us to find them!!!
This is my challenge to you this week please invite a nonmember or inactive to your wards Christmas party or to come with you to church Christmas day I know you are in Utah, but that doesn't mean there isn't missionary work there to be done. : )
I love you all and can't wait to hear from you please tell me any funny stories that happen with your kids I miss them just as much as I miss you!
 Love Sister Cannaday

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Address!

The address directly to Jill's apartment is:

Sister Jillian Cannaday
1907 Shafer Ave
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

We Have Pictures!

Jill being Jill! : ) 

Jill's mission president and wife! Brother and Sister Watkins

Jill's companion, Sister Taulogo! She is from Hawaii! 

A picture of all the missionaries that go there on the same day as her! 

The family she had Thanksgiving dinner with!

2 of the missionaries on the plane with her!

The missionary she sat by on the plane ride over!