Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 27, 2011

Hi Everyone,
         It was so good to hear from you all I loved talking to all of the family!  I really miss all of you and your kids! Thank you for the works of encouragement and love REALLY thank you! This week has been great! I love Christmas time and all the singing that goes with. I have been singing everywhere I go and this is the only time that everyone doesn’t look at you weirdly (well only some do instead of everyone!). I feel like I don't have anything new to tell you because I got to talk to you two days ago.
   The rest of my Christmas was spent reading while my companion called her family, and visiting less active and investigators. I want everyone to know that I'm being taken care of out here! Really I am! I have eating more chocolate in the last week then in my entire life. If I were to give blood it would come out looking like chocolate syrup!  Oh wait… I did do something else on Christmas I went caroling with the sisters and elders in my district. It was nice to be doing some thing fun with people my age and to get to know them, most of them were really bad singers but they tried hard. : )
    Today we taught a sister named Kim they have been teaching her for a long time and she has never understood the story of how Joseph Smith got the plates. Last time we were there she told us that he stole them form the Catholics, with all of there gold. They have told her the story time and time again, but this time, some how, she got it and understood why we need a second book to help people understand the bible. Yah!  A really cool thing that also happened was that her two sons sat in on the lesson we asked them to read with their mom and they told us that they are two busy with their new stuff and she lectured them about putting God first and reading "God’s book"  she called it “God’s book” PROGRESS!  I really think things are going to start moving with her.
      Thank you everyone for everything I really love you all, stay strong, and thanks for taking my challenges. 
 Sister Cannaday


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