Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 6th, 2011

Hi everyone,
Things are moving fast out here and we already have one baptism date and two that we be set soon.  I really love being here and serving the Lord. I would tell you some really cool story, but this week was just full of teaching lessons and contacting. I found out that I get to call home Christmas day, so all of you should get together and tell me a time that would work for you if you want to hear from me. 

There is this neat old couple out here Brother and Sister Smith. Sister Smith called mom to make sure she knows I'm all right. If you ever need to get a message to me you can call her. They call here Sister Underground. The really cool thing about them, is that the have been married 50+ years and Bro. Smith just got baptized last year and they are getting sealed this January and Sister Taulogo and I get the great privilege of helping them get ready to go to the temple. He just keep saying where were you girls 50 years ago? I love going over there and teaching them they are just like another set of grandparent.
On sunday we had to leave the house a little early and guess what? There was frost on my windows! I had to scrape them my companion (who is from Hawaii) just stared not knowing what to do. It made me laugh.
One of the sisters that we are teaching, Amber, is all ready becoming a missionary. Last Sunday was her first time at church, she found out about the wards relife society luncheon, and she is planning on coming! The other day we were teaching her and she told us that she invited a friend who lived next door to come with her. She has only had two lessons and already wants to yell from the rooftops that this church is true. WOW some people are just waiting for us to find them!!!
This is my challenge to you this week please invite a nonmember or inactive to your wards Christmas party or to come with you to church Christmas day I know you are in Utah, but that doesn't mean there isn't missionary work there to be done. : )
I love you all and can't wait to hear from you please tell me any funny stories that happen with your kids I miss them just as much as I miss you!
 Love Sister Cannaday


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