Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 13th

         I can't wait to see picture of the new Baby!!!!!

         I have had a really busy week. Another one of my investigators is getting baptized! That’s two!! Everything is going really well and I really love the work. So the story of the week… I love going up to everyone and talking to them, but last week I had a experience that hurt my feelings a little bit and made me a little scared to talk with everyone. Well… I decided not to let that one experience bring me down and I told myself that I was going to contact everyone no matter what. After I made this commitment I looked down the street and there were men standing in front of a store and one of them was a big black guy that was rather frightening. I went forward with faith! I walked right up to them and said "Hi" they replied with smile and then when back to their conversation. I just stood there and smiled (oh I didn't only want to talk to everyone, but I want to teach them the restoration) until they looked back at me. They weren't too thrilled when they looked and I was still there, but I pulled out a card and asked if they would look at a website for me as I spoke their faces softened and the big black guy said “Now how could I say no when you smile at me like that?” I know that it wasn't my smile it was the sprit that was there! When I act in faith I know that I will find the people that are prepared to hear the message and I will bring them the message that they are looking for. When you act in faith the Lord will bless you and you will know what to say and when. Never forget that the Lord loves you and knows who you are.
         It was stake conference this week and there were many great talks. I will mail them to Jenni because I don’t have time to write them now, but the one that stood out to me the most was one on coming to church and how everything that we are asked to do isn't because the Lord wants it that way it’s so the Lord can have a reason to bless us not only with the things we need, but also with what he want to give us to.
         I love you all so much be good and remember who you are
Love Sister Cannaday


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