Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 21, 2011

         Ok, so, a lot has happened this week and it's all great! We are teaching all the time and everywhere. My favorite thing so far is helping families get ready to go to the temple, THIS IS WHY I'M HERE!  Getting a family ready to be sealed is such a blessing every time I teach. I get to tell them of all the blessings that come from the sealing power and the special sprit and peace that you feel when you know that your family will be together forever!
     This week I got the chance to eat with the Ives again. They are the family that I ate Thanksgiving with, but this time they had all 6 kids home. It was so much fun the sit a table where there was a brother and sister fitting over the rolls on one side, a sister who was in her 20's trying to give her little brother dog kisses, and a mom and son tell us stories about the little ones that they didn't want us to know.  The best party was when I was trying to give them a message it went something like this: I asked, "What is your favorite part of Christmas?" the only answer I got was "NERF WARS!!!!!''  from all of them at once. Every year they get a set of nerf guns and have a full out war. This just reminded me of all the years of egg fights, rubber band wars, and laser tag. I then told them about our family and how those are my fondest memories not because I got to case pain to my family members, but because it was really the only time in the year that we spent with each other. Those wars made us the loving family we are today. I love all of you and I want you to know that I will miss you this Christmas. My family means the world to me and I hope I can give that to my kids. Thank you, Mom and Dad!
         Hey for Christmas I want PICTURES! I can print any out please send me pictures of your kids! I’m going to miss every one of you!

         One more little story for this week! On Thursday we got to give a needy family a Christmas, it was way neat and we told them that If they ever need any help we could come over and help. Yesterday we went over and helped her get ready to Bug Bomb her RV that her and her two kids are living in. Well if you ask the missionaries for help you are also asking for a lesson :) so as I was vacuuming up roaches I was also baring testimony of the first vision the sprit was so strong! She is now going to take the lessons. It is always worth it! This gospel is true no matter what you are doing as long as it’s with love. (Even vacuuming up roaches!)

Love you all very much and Merry Christmas,
Sister Cannaday 


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