Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letter From Jill's Trainer!

This was put in our weekly news letter... I thought all of you might want to know how I'm doing!! : ) 
This is my trainer ...
Aloha president! Just wanted to tell you thank you so much for this opportunity to serve with sister Cannaday! She is amazing! :) We are both training each other! seriously! She is definitely one of those missionaries, that if you pull me out of this area now...she can handle it! She amazes me! I can see her training in 12 weeks if you asked her to! She has definitely come prepared! Miracles have happened already this week! On Sunday a young man walks in looking for a place to sit. Wearing a black hoodie, and black jeans, with a backpack...I could tell he had no idea about church. Morgan Hill 1st ward is so amazing...that after sacrament meeting they all came up to him and introduced themselves and took him straight to bishop...we didn't even get to him yet! So we finally got to him, and he told us that he met some sisters on the street that gave him a card. So he checked out the website and really wanted to learn more, he came to church. He stayed ALL THREE HOURS! (Holy cow that was cool)...we invited him to take the lessons which he accepted, and so we scheduled something for Friday. He told us afterwards that his sister and brother in law were interested too, and that they wanted to attend with him the following forward a few hours, we were searching through our former investigators and came across a girl that the sisters taught and dropped August of this year. So we decided to give it a shot, and see if perhaps she might be more prepared now even though it was a few months later! So we visit her, and she gives us a warm smile and invites us in, then says, yeah my brother just went to a Mormon church today and said that he loved it! And sister Cannaday and I asked is your brother’s name Burton!? And she said yes! She said, wow....I think this is a sign! So thank you to
the sisters who opened their mouth and handed Burton brown a card...he and his family are so prepared! I'm so grateful we have this opportunity to bring them into the gospel! HOORAH FOR ISRAEL
Sister Taulogo


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