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March 20th

March 20th 2012
         This week has been crazy and fun. We got to go up to the temple again this time with an investigator named Nina. Who, this week, told us that she wants to be married in the temple and set a baptism date. Yah!!!! It's so cool! 
         Our stake was having a Stake Relief Society conference at the temple when we went and the temple president talked to us. He told us of a story of a 93 yeas old man that went to the temple every week from the time he got married. The temple president over heard some one ask him why he still comes after going so much he told them "Three reasons: 1. I was asked to but a prophet and to me that makes it a commandment. 2. I enjoy it; it gives me strength and peace in my crazy life and 3. I learn something every time I go.” The temple president went on to tell us that if all of us follow this mans example that every single one of us would make it back to our father in heaven.  There was another story that was shared that I really liked from general conference 2005 here is the story:

         There was one group of people who, although their village was destroyed, did not suffer a single casualty.
         The reason?
         They knew a tsunami was coming.
         The Moken people live in villages on islands off the coast of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar). A society of fishermen, their lives depend on the sea. For hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, their ancestors have studied the ocean, and they have passed their knowledge down from father to son.
         One thing in particular they were careful to teach was what to do when the ocean receded. According to their traditions, when that happened, the “Laboon”—a wave that eats people—would arrive soon after.
         When the elders of the village saw the dreaded signs, they shouted to everyone to run to high ground.
         Not everyone listened.
         One elderly fisherman said, “None of the kids believed me.” In fact, his own daughter called him a liar. But the old fisherman would not relent until all had left the village and climbed to higher ground. 1
         The Moken people were fortunate in that they had someone with conviction who warned them of what would follow. The villagers were fortunate because they listened. Had they not, they may have perished.
         The prophet Nephi wrote about the great disaster of his day, the destruction of Jerusalem. “As one generation hath been destroyed among the Jews because of iniquity,” he said, “even so have they been destroyed from generation to generation according to their iniquities; and never hath any of them been destroyed save it were foretold them by the prophets of the Lord.” 2
         Since the days of Adam, the Lord has spoken to His prophets, and while His message differs according to the specific needs of the time, there is one consistent, never-changing theme: Depart from iniquity and journey to higher ground.
         As people heed the words of the prophets, the Lord blesses them. When they disregard His word, however, distress and suffering often follow. Over and over, the Book of Mormon teaches this great lesson. In its pages we read of the ancient inhabitants of the American continent who, because of their righteousness, were blessed of the Lord and became prosperous. Yet often this prosperity turned into a curse in that it caused them to “harden their hearts, and … forget the Lord their God.” 3

         It was so refreshing for us to get to be on the temple grounds. We found out that we get to go to the temple on the 3rd of April ever general conference we will get to go though the temple which will be so nice I miss the temple so every every much!
         We have found three new investigators this week and did 13hours of service. I was a great busy week and every night we slept every every well.
         Thank you for all the prayers and your love! I know I couldn’t do all that we do without it. I hope you have a great week.
 -Love sister Cannaday


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