Monday, March 19, 2012

March 7th and 13th : )

March 7th 2012
Family and Friends,
         Wow! Can you believe it’s March? Time is going so fast! This time is really a gift give to us from God. Just like any gift that we are given it all depends on how we spend it. We could spend this gift invested in our families and fulfilling our divine purpose God has for has or let it dwindle away being filled with "I'm to busys" and "I’ll do it tomorrows” we really will reap what we sew. Yesterday Elder L .Tom Perry of the 12 came and talked to us. I GOT TO SHAKE HIS HAND!!!!  It is such a gift to be able to be taught by a prophet of the Lord. He said something that made me think "everyone of you be the missionary that God knows you can be, be obedient, sprit driven, celestial missionaries. Be the missionary your mother believes you are."  I know that, Mom, you think I’m the best missionary out, but I know that my brothers and sisters have even higher expectation for me. Thank you! I have been trying my best these last couple months to live up to those and mostly to the expectations of the Lord. Nephi told his bother that he would not return home with out fulfilling his mission of getting the plates and I'm telling you that I will not return until I have filled my mission. Kreguer my swim coach use to tell us leave everything you got in the pool give it your all. I'm leaving everything I got everyday I'm here and I will return will honor to Utah and to my Heavenly Father because I know this work is true! That the true church was restored by a humble boy and that President Monson is the living prophet today.
         This week has been full of up and downs! We have started to teach two new families and the spirit truly has brought us to them. The spirit has been so strong as we teach. On Sunday one of our investigators came to church sat down next to me and said, " I want you to know that the Book of Mormon is true! I just know the book is true!" It was fast Sunday so every time any one said anything about the Book of Mormon she would lean over and remind me that the Book of Mormon was true, and that she wasn’t going up there and telling everyone but she knows that it is true. After sacrament meeting she told us that she wasn't planning on coming, but something told her at she needed to go, so she did. Than as she walked into the meeting something told her the Book of Mormon was true and she know it in her heart then something told her that she needs to go to the temple so before she left we set a time to go to the visitors center. She is acting on the promptings the Lord gave her in faith and she was truly led. It is so exciting to see the change in the people we teach!
          Thank you everyone for everything that you do so I can be out here! Never forget God doesn’t give us commandments so he can tell us what to do he ask us the follow him so he can bless our lives I hope everyone has a great week
- Sister Cannaday

March 13th 2012
Hi everyone,
          I think this might be the first time you might have better weather then me. It’s raining and will be raining for most of the week. This week has been really short because I got really sick this week. I got some kind of a cold flu that lay me up. Most of the time we still get out and teach when we are sick, but there was no way I could do that this time. On Thursday I got home from district meeting at 12 and just slept the rest of the day. I wake up at 6pm and then went back to sleep at 8pm. I was not feeling well at all!
         We had 3 investigators at church this week which was way fun, but hard to answer all of the questions. For one of them it was her 4th time at church and she already talks as if she is a member of the ward! How exciting! But she wont set a date to be baptized just yet.
         On Friday we were super excited to have interviews with the mission president, but he canceled and invited us to his house for Sunday dinner to have them then. But when we got there he wasn't home so we helped his wife make dinner and when he got home from a long day of meetings he was just too tried to have interviews. He told us just to chill and hangout with his family which is really hard when you are on your mission. It was a lot of fun though just to spend time with him and his family. 
          I'm feeling great now and every thing is still moving being a missionary is really fun. : )
 Alex and Alan thank you for the e-mails it is really nice to hear from you and yes you can email me I will just print then off and no it I still can’t see the picture Sorry. I love you all and be good!
love Sister Cannaday.

(Just for you Charla : ) 


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