Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 21st and 28th

February 21st  

Dear Friends and Family,
         This week was so much fun! On Valentine’s Day we put hearts on all our investigators doors and some of our less active members. We also did it for our Relief Society President. I don't think I have ever met anyone in my entire life that lives up to the phrase "charity never faileth" like she does. This woman sets the bar high for Relief Society Presidents everywhere! She is always doing things for others just because she truly loves them! There's no way I could ever say enough about Sister Adir. I just want everyone to know about this woman who has just been put on to "My Heroes List". It was a lot of fun and because we went out of our way to make these families feel special we were able to get into some peoples homes that we couldn't before. 
          Also this week Sister T and I both almost got kissed. Sister T and I were visiting a mental heath home to see one of the members in our ward that is staying there. A man came in the room and the Sister from the ward introduced him to us. Sister T put out here hand for a hand shack and he went down to his one knee and tried to kiss her hand, she pulled a way and he tried to get it back, twice. It was one of those moments that you just want to laugh until you cry. He then told us that we were both very attractive over and over until we left the room. Then at church a little boy and his family sat next to us. I talked to him and shared the treats I keep in my bag. I had made a new friend! Halfway though sacrament he told me that he had something for me and then tried to kiss me! I put my hand between him and I. He was so determined that he pulled him self off the bench and was hanging around my neck. I love being in a family ward it's so much fun! Even if I have to dodge a kiss here and there.
         I hope everyone is having a great week! The missionary work is going great here we are teaching up a storm and loving every moment. We have a baptism on the 3rd and I can't wait. Today someone asked me why I was so happy and when I told them because of my church they where blown out of the water. We have such a leg up on the rest of the world in life. SO LIVE IT UP!!!!!!!

Love you all,
Sister Cannaday

February 28th

Hello Everyone,
          This week has been a lot of fun! There is a 74 year old Sister we have been teaching that has a little dementia. It was her birthday on the 24th so we took her cake and ice cream and a silly birthday hat! It was so much fun to go play and teach her and see her just soaking everything up. There is another sister in our ward that had a birthday this week and I had one of the neatest experiences with helping her. She has M.S and has a hared time coming to church so we decided to take notes and teacher what we had learned from church. This week she couldn’t make it and we had one of the best sacrament meetings I have been to in a long time, but the really neat part was that as I took notes I could feel the sprit prompting me and giving me scriptures and ideas that would help her. As we taught the lesson to her the sprit was so strong in the room and the revelation she got was answers to long awaited prayers. I love being a tool in the Lord’s hands. It's so fulfilling. This last week we had a lesson on preparing young man to serve missions. There is nothing like serving a mission! The joy it will bring will last a lifetime and will give you strength and you can draw from forever. Moms stay strong and help your sons, Dads be the priesthood leader that they can follow! "We are a family that serves MISSIONS!" (Hollin)
Just so you all know I miss you all dearly!!! Sorry my letter is so short this week we have to get going to a lesson but I want all of you to know that I love you and HAPPY BRITHDAY LITTLE AL!!!!!!

Sister Cannaday 


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