Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sept 25th

This week was like a good piece of peach pie. Hot, sweet, worth the work and I can't wait to have it again. It's been crazy cool and I would love to tell you all about every little bit but there is just way too much to tell you all of it. First I'm companion rocks! I love her so much already and she is fun and crazy just like me. It has made for a lot of fun! She even sings all the time just like me. (Jenni I think you would go crazy if you were with us!)
   It has been wonderful to be able to teach with her as well she in a great scriptorian, but the funny thing is that her whole mission she has been in the singles ward so working with little kids and old people is a big change for her. Going from teaching people that had an attention span of a few hours, to a few seconds, is a big change.
   We have taught a lot of really great lessons this week by following the spirit and listening to what people have to tell us. I did have a heart breaking moment this week when some one we had been teaching got dropped because it just wasn't time for him yet. I truly broke my heart. It is so weird how much you grow to love the people you teach and how their happiness means the world to you. The Lord really does open up your heart to them.
     I'm so excited for conference that is coming up! I'm so excited to share with all the people that we are teaching the words of the prophet of our day, and to watch the prophet teach. What a wonderful gift it is to have a prophet guide us today.
         Everyone, the Lord wants us to be happy!  He really does and he will stand by your side no matter what! I know that he will not only give us what need but also give it to us at the time that we need it the most.
        I had one of those great moments this week where things just clicked. We were teaching about the spirit and how we are feeling the love of God, and how we all feel it differently because we are all different. As I was teaching this the 5 love languages came to my mind and how we all feel love different. And it clicked, most of you know that you that I show love through physical affection, like hugs or biting people.:) Well in the times that I'm in the most need that is how that spirit talks with me. I get those moments where I get a big hug of love and a warmth that feels my body. Well I think once we know how we show and feel love we can better understand how the Lord talks with us. So the challenge this week… get online and take the love langue test and try to work on the way you feel and show love, to your Father in Heaven. As you do I know that you will become more in tune with the spirit, because "God is Love". 
 Talk to you all soon
Sister Cannaday.


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