Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oct 6th, 9th, and 15th

OCT 6th        
         OK, sorry everyone that I'm writing so late in the week. We had our P-day moved to Friday to go to the temple. It was great! The temple is the best place in the world truly the feeling there is undeniable and so real I just want to run thought the halls I was so happy and at one point was jumping up and down in the dressing room. Wow I love the temple! 
   After the member that brought us to the temple took us out for ice cream at this place called Fenton's. It the ice cream place where the little kid and the old man go at the end and sit and eat ice cream and count all the red and blue cars at the end of UP it was way fun and I can't wait to take you all there.
    Can you believe that they moved the age that you can serve a mission? That is so crazy!  Jon that means you can serve a mission in a little over a year. 18 is so young and 19 for girls wow I would already be home when I left if I would have gone at 19.  This is so cool I can't wait to see all the sisters and elders that come out on their mission in the next few months. Truly my mouth was hanging wide open when Pres. Monson announced the change. Yah woo! Lets get this missionary work done.
       So this week in Livermore was great we had so much fun and got so much work done even with a lot of things taking up our days. We have a baptism this next week for a girl named Kaia. She is so wonderful and comes from a not so wonderful family, but has just risen above it all to become this wonderful young woman. We taught her a lesson this week and the spirit was so strong and just filled the room and testified to her of the goodness and truth of everything that we were teaching her. Being a missionary in the BOMB! It’s the neatest thing to see the light in people grow.
     We are also teaching a great family with a 12 year old that wants to already be a missionary and has started to write Elder J. Faw on everything he can. It's so cool to teach this family because they have already come so close to the spirit. IT'S SOOOOO neat to walk into a none members home and feel the spirit before we even open our mouths. They will be getting baptized soon!
       Life is going so great here on the mission I really don't think I could ask for anything more at this point. To be the Lords servant has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life! Make severing a mission a goal and then go do it!!!!
 Love you all keep up the great work and stay strong -Sister Cannaday

OCT 9th 
     Hello everyone! This week was great! Happy Birthday Ethan! I'm so excited about you getting baptized soon. It’s really the best thing you can ever do! 

    This week or the last 3 days have been great. It always really throws me off when our P-day gets moved.  We have been working with this wonderful girl Kaia that is getting baptized this Saturday. It has been so much fun and she has asked Sister Billings and I to sing with her at her baptism, it's going to be great!

   We are have also been working with a lady that started come to church as soon as we started teaching her, months ago, but wasn't sure that she wanted to be baptized. Well yesterday we went over there for a lesson and she told us as she walked out of the room that she wanted to be baptized. Sister Billing and I sat there with a puzzled look, like "did you just hear what I heard?". She then came back and explained to us that she has been praying and thinking about it for sometime and just made up her mind. I was so cool and she can't wait to start working towards being baptized! Yah!

      We have also been teaching a man named Lloyd for sometime and he told us today that he wants to work towards being baptized also. And that he is getting answers to his prays everyday about the things we have been teaching him. He has a long road ahead of him but this is exactly what he needs.

         The Lord is truly waiting to bless us if we will just prove ourselves worthy to him. I feel a little like Pocahontas always wondering what coming just around the river bend (I really want to sing this as I'm typing it but I'm in the library so I can't). If we will keep going and hold strong just around that bend there is so much waiting for us. If it's a test of our strength or a time of peace it will be what we need on this river of life. 

    Everyone keep going the Lord is by your side he will never leave you even if you walk away from him. I love how the scriptures tell us that he will sucker us. The word sucker means to run to. The Lord is running to us, so stop running away from him. He loves you and so do I. - Sister Cannaday

OCT 15th
Hello everyone!
This week was amazing! We had a baptism for a 15 year old girl named Kaia. She is so sweet and has been such a joy to work with. Her baptism was last Saturday night at 6pm and there were more people there to support her than there are in church on a good week! The chapel was full to the rim. They love in the room was so powerful that I couldn't help but cry. Kaia's whole family is LDS but her dad and mom had her in high school and fell away from the church and took her with them. But by a tender mercy of God this summer she end up living with an aunt and uncle that were a great example to her and she decided that she wanted to be baptized. Kaia, her cousin, Sister Billing, and I all got to sing at the baptism and it was great! The spirit was so strong! 

This Sunday was also amazing you know how sometimes testimony meetings turn into “thankimoy meetings” when something cool happens in the ward. Well this was the most powerful testimony meeting that I have ever been to there was this undeniable strong sprit the whole ward could feel. Even to the point that our investigator felt like he needed to bear his testimony about the Holy Sprit and it was only his second time at church. I wish I could bottle the feeling send it home to you all and keep it in my bags of tricks when someone has doubts or fears. IT WAS THE BOMB!!!!  I feel like I spent a Sunday and Saturday in heaven.

This week went almost without flaw it was amazing, sprit guided, and filled with so much hope and love. Oh... and yesterday was also my companion’s birthday so it was a part-ay...  I love you all and hope that everything is going great! - Sister Cannaday

Jenni congratulations on the new baby boy I cant wait to meet him he is one big baby!


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