Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 23rd

Wow what a week! This week has been so much fun and so wonderful. I feel like the joy of Christ is just flowing though my veins. To tell you the truth I might just have a heart attack for how full it feels right now. I had the chance to go do something called an outgoing fireside where all the missionaries that are going home get to bare their testimony about there mission. It was wonderful and Sister Taulogo my first companion was one of the missionaries that was going home and it just filled my heart to hear her bare testimony of the great spirit she has felt.
       We were able to go because we brought a family that we are teaching with us. Well more like they brought us :) but it was so great to watch their faces just light up as they listened to the words of these great missionaries. They were crying the whole time. This family is just great and if I could I would just move in with them and never leave. You know how you meet someone and you just know that you were great friends with them in the life before this well I have felt that way about this family from the first day. It was so great to spend the whole night just talking with them and feeling their love. It's really the neatest that their son who in 12 has decided that he wants to go on a mission and just dose everything he can to prepare himself. But the really cool part is that the parents of the family where asking questions about WHEN they can serve a mission and they aren't even members yet. IT WAS SO COOL.
         Another really cool thing happened that just made me cry. I got to see a family that I got to teach in Morgan Hill. We were helping them get ready to go to the temple. Which is one of the coolest things I have had the chance of doing on my mission. Last night the mom and daughter of the family came up to me and said "We have great news to tell you" at first I said "What?” but as soon as it can out I knew to ask "WHEN?"  This amazing family will be getting sealed on the 11 of November. They will be making to best choice that they could ever make. I'm so happy for them that just thinking of them all dressed in white bring tears to my eyes and I know that this is why we serve missions!
     I also got to see three people that I guess really love Nina Clymer and mam & pap Escobare, and many others. I was so good to see them all there it reminded me of what it has going to be like in heaven seeing all the people that you love and cherish coming up to you one by one give you big hugs and never wanting to let them go. But in heaven there is going to be so may more people that we have grown with in this life. 
     So I will be staying here in Livermore for another six weeks and I'm so glad that I get to stay here with these people that I just love so much! I feel spoiled. I know that this feeling I have in me right now is the spirit and this is truly what the scriptures mean when they say "Men are that they might have joy" This is pure joy and I know that everyone can have it and should and that is why I'm here sharing the gospel with all! This is the greatest gift I have to give. I love you all and I hope that you will always seek after these things. 
- Sister Cannaday


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