Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5th

Hello Everyone!  This week has been super fun. On Halloween we had dinner and the family made the food look like kitty liter it was really gross. It didn’t taste bad, but it sure looked bad. After that we stopped by a family’s home that we have been teaching, The Faws, and went trick or treating with them. It was so much fun and Apryl, the mom, introduced us to all of her neighbors. It was great to spend some fun time with them. They really are some of the best people I have ever met. The great news is that they accepted the invitation to be baptized. Well the mom and the one of the son did the dad and the other son will soon. There is just no way that they can’t when they live in a home where the sprit in so strong. It is the biggest treat when we get to go over and teach them. Just a warning to my family, there are some new faces that you are going to have to make room for because you are going to love the Faws.  After that we went to another dinner with a less active family, I ate so much! I don’t this I have been that sick on Halloween since I was really little.
I also have a really cool story to tell you but first, I want you all to know that I have been doing my very best at being exact in my obedience!
On Friday I was just walking and I sprained my ankle really bad. After a little while I couldn’t walk so I iced it and once it felt a bit better I kept on going with our day. The next day it hurt a little to walk on so I raped it up and just went on with my day. We did all kinds of stuff, including helping with a really cool project called Living Bethlehem where they are putting together a live show of the Christmas story. While we were there we met so many great people who could have their hearts open to the gospel soon.  
Well not too long after we were just walking and I DID IT AGAIN! Man I really need to learn how to walk one of these days. This time I did it really well and it really hurt to walk on but of course I didn’t stop doing missionary work I kept going. After we stopped at three more houses and no one was home, Sister Billing and I decided that Heavenly Father was telling us that I need to go home and take care of it.  We went home and I put it up and I still hurt. So Sister billings called the elders and asked if they would come give me a blessing.  
They were there in no time. Now this has been one of the coolest experiences I have ever had with a blessing.  This is the first time that I have literally felt the power of the spirit.  The moment the elder put their hands on my head the spirit just rushed though my body and filled me from head to toe. I knew this could happen with and blessing but I think this was the first time I was in tune with the spirit in a way that I could really feel the power. Wow The priesthood really is a power and a wonderful gift.
The next morning I got out of bed expecting to be hurt and I was fine I could walk on it and bend it. It was so cool to see another miracle happen, as Elder Judd would say “ a tender mercy”.
One other cool thing that happened with my blessing is that the Elder called me Carol when he referred to me in the blessing. I thought it was really cool. When he did I was also filled with love and I know it was another tender mercy.
I love you all and miss you tons, but there is just so much to be done as the Lords servant. Keep working hard wherever you are at. –Sister Cannaday


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