Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Emails

April 2nd
Hey Everyone, I'm  felling much better! Just so you all know right off the bat! We have been sick in bed for almost 8 days which is a life time as a missionary. We are all still a little sick but feeling much better. There were many really funny things that happened, and a lot of the Book of Mormon was read. One of the great blessings that happened from all of this is that we didn't get caught up really in all the celebration of the holiday, and ended up focusing on the spiritual aspect of the holiday! And WOW! My whole point of view has changed on Easter. For the first time I have come to understand what it’s all about. And really it should to be the biggest holiday that we have, because it’s the most important.
    On Sunday, it being the first full day that we were out of the house, was a blast!  I woke up and made everyone pudding. All my companion are now big fans of pudding. We then sat at the table and read the Easter story. The spirit was so strong and it was a great way to start the day.  We then sang in church two different times. I was great and it sounded even better considering that we were still sick. And were surprised by the visit of the Seventy from our area that came. He talked of the life of the savior and what that meant to him. I was great and I was over come by his testimony.  After we taught and had some really great lessons on the Saviors live. We then got to go to a great member in our wards home and celebrate Easter. It was awesome the set up an Easter egg hunt. We had a ham feast with some really great cheesy potatoes and then ended it with dying eggs. My companion Sister Swap was wearing my white dress with flowers on it and spilt the blue dye down the front of it. I was crying tears from laughing so hard. The blue dye all so all over her leg and she is now part Smruff. It was a great night and the best part is that the spirit was so strong. 
The testimony of Easter that I have gained this year will be a gift that I will have the rest of my life and a blessing that will benefit the future family, Tory and I will have! I will forever celebrate the Savior on this day. My mission has blessed me in more ways than I could ever say. Thank you Heavenly Father for this great gift. I hope that all of you will take another look at this holiday and find a way to center it around the savior just like everyday of our lives should be. 

 I love you all see you. Sister Cannaday

April 8th
Today was great but sad. There is a Sister in the mission that is going home early. And they are taking away my Baby Sister Swapp. I'm so very very very sad. To tell you the truth I'm crying a little bit right now. Because I just found out.  
WOW! What a conference this time! It just blew me away. There were so many really great talks. So much great instruction. Please please heed the council! They are so on it. Also this week has been one of the busiest I have had on my mission. I taught more then ever before and talked with more people then ever before too. I love doing what the lord has in store.  I love you all so much. And it was so good to get out of the house. I love you all! Keep studying those talks. 

Sister Cannaday

April 15th
Ok everyone my letter is going to be short just because we have run out of time today. Just know that my birthday was great!!!!  I got to spend the time with a lot of people that I love just like last year. The rest of the week was full of crazy teaching and full of the spirit. There is so much I would love to tell you but I have no time. I love you all keep reading, praying going to church. Sister Cannaday 

April 21st
I may have sent most of my day hiking again :) There is just so many wonderful things to do here and everyone has been helping me see them all. The hike that we went on brought us to this view where all you could see were cascading mountains until they faded into a blue sea. It just took my breath away. Every time I go into the beautiful world that the Lord created for us I truly fell the love God has for us all. The spirit is so strong in those places as the weather is getting warmer get out there and enjoy it!!! I truly stand all amazed at the world he has given us. I also felt the same way as I watched a woman that I love so dearly dressed in white get baptized this Saturday. Being a missionary is the best because we get to be apart of these wonderful peoples lives. Oh how sweet the fruit. 
 I love you all Sister Cannaday :)

April 29th
So once more I'm going on an adventure today. We are going to the beach! YEAH!!!!! I can't wait I love going even though we can’t get in the water. I do want to tell you all about this funny moment that I had this week teaching. We starter teaching a man this week who is so ready for this he even said so. I had this impression that we should invite him to come with our ward to the temple before we even started really teaching him. Crazy right? There is just so much to understand before you even understand why you can't go in. So we took full advantage of the car ride up there. Well as many of you know I get Car sick, this time I got really really carsick. He kept turning around when the spirit was strong and looking at us in the eye. That was not good! Luckily we got through the restoration before I got really sick. At one point I said "I'm getting really sick so you know. .... To tell the truth can we pull over at the next exit?...... NO can we pull over NOW!!!!!" as Tiffany the great driver that she is got all the way over in 30 sec. and I got out the door running. There was no time to waste and I through everything up! Right there on the side of the road. It was really funny! But I felt bad to leave that as a first impression on someone new that we were teaching. But it all worked out. We got back in the car, the spirit was there and we just kept on teaching. I love this work!!!!!! Everyone, the spirit is true and can change anyone’s heart and bring them to the waters a baptism. I love being a tool in his hands! 
See you soon love you all!!!
-Sister Cannaday 


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