Monday, April 1, 2013

Pictures of Sister Cannaday's Latest and Greatest Adventures

Photo #1
Photo #2
Need I say more? : ) 
We made this cake in a pot because we had no cake pans!
Surprisingly it worked out really well!

My district in San Jose!
We are so cheesy!
A couple weeks ago we went to the Redwood Forest!
It was so much fun!
Scary things come out of dark places!
Wow! Big trees!
Almost to the top!
My tree-beard! Get it?? hahaha
(I don't get it!) : ) 
"Look at me mom! I'm in a tree!"
Look at that view!
At the top!
The fog was so thick that we were socked!
Wow! Look at that sunrise!
We got to the top and we both were so tired!
Sister Livingston was ready to kill me for telling her that she could keep going!
At one point she said "I want to do un-christ like things to your right now!" 
In a cove we found with an Elder who was being silly!
My companion really liked taking pictures!
I told her this was the last one!
California rally is beautiful! 
Mission Peak round two!
This time we brought our whole zone!
What a good time!
Herman Green and Trojillo
My old roommates from Livermore!
We matched even when we didn't try!
We went to the Black Bear Dinner and ate so many pancakes I thought I was going to die! 
Me and Sister Swapp enjoying ice cream!
We took the bus back and forth from the beach!
It was a super crazy dive!
The bus driver had some real skills!
We were all sick when we got back!

At the beach!
The first thing I did was make a drip castle!
I LOVE the beach!


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