Monday, April 1, 2013

Feb 18th, Feb 22th, March 4th

FEB 18th
HI everyone!
Wow I just read my e-mails. There was a lot of them this week! Thank you everyone I love hearing from you all.  

This week has been great and we have gotten so much great work done. The work in the ward is really picking up and it’s a good thing because we are getting two other sisters here this week. I will be training again and finishing Sister Livingston training at the same time this transfer is going to be crazy!!!!  I'm really not sure what’s is going to happen but there is so much work that can be done here that it's going to be so much fun! 

We hiked that same hike this morning that we did a few weeks ago. It's long but so worth it when you see the great view. 

These last few weeks people have been celebrating Tet, which is a Chinese New Years festival. It has been so fun to taste all the great food and see all the great activities.

Whenever I e-mail I always want to tell you these really cool spiritual experience but, they happen every day all day and to tell you the truth they feel just normal to have. So when I write nothing sticks out in my head Lol.... I know that is it such a great blessing and I thank God that I'm able to do this work everyday. Really I feel like this is what I'm meant to do! Missionary work is the best!!! Really!  
I love you all. Hope that everyone has a great week Love Sister Cannaday 

FEB 22nd 
Man, I have been so bad at writing long e-mail! But there has just been so much going on with my crazy mission.  I 'm now training two Sisters and the same time in a weird foursome.  My new companion is from Oregon and is super cute and a little on the shy, but we are braking her out of her shell and it wont take too long. I'm having so much fun right now with the work and with my “mini” companions. I really wish that I could stay here for so much longer even though I love you all.  I LOVE MISSIOARY WORK!
Well I had a problem with The computers today and I’m out of time, so just know that I love you ALL and I'm working really hared and I'm not going to stop until the moment they take off my badge. 
Sister Cannaday

MAR 4th
Hey everyone this week was great we worked really hard so now we are going to play really hard. AT THE BEACH!  Got to go! Love you lots. Be good!
 Sister Cannaday.


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