Friday, February 15, 2013

Jan 28th Feb 4th and Feb 11th

Jan 28th
Hello everyone, I hope that everything is going well with you and with your families. I have had a great week! It has been crazy a full of everything that you could think of! AAAAAAaaaaa.....! Life is great! Sister Livingston and I have been having so much fun! We were told yesterday that we both are a great example of a real life Disney princess which we both took as a huge complement. We just really have had a great week spiritually. Man I love being a missionary! 

Wednesday was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right and you could tell that my greeny was starting to get a little down buy the end. Then on the way home we meant a man that wanted to meat with us and learn more. At that moment she learned that, that's what missionary work is all about, the one person that is waiting to hear what we have to share.  

So funny story on Thursday our branch president signed up for dinner and something came up and so he snuck us some money and told us to take ourselves out some where fun. So we went to this place called The Boiling Crab, it a place where you order your food and then they cover the table with paper and pore it right there in front of you like you are in the south and then you eat it all with your hands.  It was so much fun and really funny. When they brought the food out my companion picked up one of the shrimps with the funniest face and said, "It's head is still on! What do I do?" I picked a shrimp up and said, "You rip it off" then ripped off the head and started to pull the shell off. I will never forget her face it was so funny. After eating the first two very slowly, she was good to go. It was fun and super yummy! (Sorry Apryl it was a lot of meat :) Just so you no I have been eating less and less though.)  

The highlight of the week was last night. That morning we didn't know what to plan after dinner, so we wrote in a "?" and went about our Sunday. After dinner we decided to stop by some peoples homes that we didn't know yet. One name stuck out to us that life far way but we felt like we needed to go. We couldn't find his address but we found one for someone with the same last name. We decided to go check it out. When we got there a little boy answered the door jumped up and down and yelled yah! The missionaries then run in the other room and out came this huge man behind him. He told us that the person we were looking for wasn't home and to come back that he would love you see us. I thought to my self "we should leave a message", but as I thought that he told us that his wife was putting the kids to sleep, So I didn't want to bother them. We went back to out car and stared to drive away. We looked out the window and that huge man was in the street trying to flag us down. We made a big U-turn and went back. He told us " please will you share something with my family?" we said “Sure!” parked our car and run back. When we came inside the wife was sitting just sobbing. He explained that they had just moved in with their mom and had just been married. They had two kids and were working on getting sealed, but they were having a hard time and a really hard day. The Sister then looked up and said, “I was just praying when you came that God would let me know that it was going to be ok and that I was going to get better. You knocked only a few minutes after I had ended my prayer. The moment I heard your voice the spirit entered into my heart and I know God was there!  I was crying too much to ask you to stay." Wow I'm so glad that we were there! We gave a great lesson where the spirit was so strong that.... I can't put it into words! I'm so glad that we were willing to listen. THE BEST THING BY FAR ABOUT BEING A MISSIONARY, IS BEING A TOOL IN THE LORDS HANDS!!! 

Sister Cannaday

Feb 4th

Hi everyone we went on to a really cool hike this morning that took a lot of time! I just want you all to know that we are doing great!!! We are having fun and the Lord is blessing us for our obedience. Thank you for all your prayers! I feel them every day. YAY........ MISSION !!!! I love the Lord!  I love you all!  -Sister Cannaday.

Feb 11th
Hi everyone this week was great!  Sister Livingstone and I are living it up here. We worked so hard and we get the best numbers of my mission. : )  We are doing so much so fast some how our brains just can't remember all of it! Well it might just my brain but....! So this week has been all about teaching with the spirit!  All our lesson this week were so strong with the spirit that it almost knocked off my socks. : )   
Sorry that this letter is going to be short again we just had one of our investigators come bake from India and we just talked with him about his adventure. He ran into a bull and knock him self out, went to the dentist and they gave him the wrong shot and made his face swell up, and then he was playing on a swing over a river and just as his cousin told him that there was crocodiles in the water the rope broke and he fell in. It was really funny and even better in an accent. Man I love this work and can't wait for this next week I know that it is going to be even better. I'm out of time I love you all see you soon. Sister Cannaday 


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