Monday, January 21, 2013

Dec 31st, Jan 7th, Jan 14th, and Jan 21st

Dec 31st
Ok everyone; Things are going great here it was so nice to hear from my family and to talk with them. I wish there was a ton of stuff to tell you, but to tell you the truth the only thing that we did after Christmas was stay home. My companion Sister Craig has been sick. She has been sleeping so much it blows my mine. She was feeling better on Sunday, which was a really good thing. There aren't many people in our branch and most of them were gone home for Christmas. We were teaching Sunday school the third hour. It was a great opportunity to look at really what my parents have done for me. My mom had to except the gospel and my dad came back to the gospel. There are so many people that only come back half way or leave the gospel and neither of them have left it. Wow I’m so grateful that they stayed with the gospel and that they showed me this great path of happiness, Thank you so much for being the great ensamples that you have been to me. I love you all and hope that you had a great Christmas and thank you so much for the letters and prayers. I love you all so much. And thank you so much for the gifts you all rocked my socks this year.
-Sister Cannaday

Jan 7th
Jenni!  Thank you so much for the E-mail that you sent it meant the world to me! I haven’t had any mail from anyone including the love of my life, so that email was like manna the pictures worked and it was grand! Your Baby are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!    

OK everyone; This week has been one of leaning to let go and let the Lord take the reins. Nothing never ever went as planned and at moments it left like everything just fell apart. That’s really the life of a missionary. We plan, we pray, and then the Lord changes it into what it needs to be. It's truly crazy how things workout in the Lords way. I feel like that might just be what the Lord wants me to learn from my mission. Is to do all that I can, but to let him take control. I hope this makes sense to everyone and that I'm not sounding crazy. I am crazy I just hope that I don't sound like it. 

So on Saturday I got to go back to Livermore again to see a dear Sister that I thaught get baptized. Wow! If you ever need a boost go to a baptism. I'm always ten feet off the ground after I go to one. There is no doubting the feelings that are there and the change in the person after. They are just oozing with happiness and light. Wow! It was so cool! I'm also going back again for two baptism next week. I'm so grateful that I get to go back and see these people I love so much make their first steps towards their Father in Heaven. I just feel so blessed to have been a part of Gods plan for these people.  Wow I love being part of missionary work. I'm so grateful that Troy and I listened to the sprit and understood that this was the plan God had for us, to go and serve his children. To leave those we love for a short time so others can be with the ones they love forever! I love you all. 
Sister Cannaday

Jan 14th
This week was full of heart ache and happiness! So this week I found out that I will be training again, also that my two wonderful companions will be being transferred. Man! I love these girls and was hoping to have at least one more transfer with the two of them! We just get along too well, so it was time for us to part from one another. I will truly miss them! I also feel like I don't know this area very well yet but I know the Lord can make my weaknesses strengths I just hope he doesn't take his time on this one. : )

This week was also full of so much joy! I had the great opportunity to go to Livermore and see two of my dearest friends step in to the waters of baptism. Wow my heart was so full!!! I wish I could put in to words how it felt to see them in white and enter into the beautiful waters of baptism. I can't wait to see them next in the temple.  Wow this week just blow me away! 

 Ok so short funny story… One day we were leaving our apartment and I went to lock the door it’s one that you lock from the inside and I had already stepped outside and tried to just reach around with my arm to lock it well…I'm not sure how or why, but as I reach around I closed my eyes and smacked my head into the wall scraping my nose chin and forehead. I looked a little silly for a few days. Leave it to me right? Well I love you all so much! See you soon! 

Sister Cannaday 

Jan 21rd
   Hey everyone! Wow this week has been crazy and to tell you the truth it has gone by a little slow. Not slow in a bad way but in a way that there was just so much stuff that happened that we didn't really fall into the missionary flow of things until Friday. I'm going to give you a brief break down of last week. 
-Monday was crazy trying to get my companions packed and helping say goodbye to all the people that they love. It was really hard to see those two go! We weren’t together very long but I felt like my little sister were leaving me and going out in to the big bad world. oh.... how sad. 
-Tuesday morning we had our transfer meeting and had to help my companions load and unload the car, which was such a feat that I like I might start listing, car packing as one of my super powers. I'm not sure what was in their bags, but I think it might have been a body or two. After that I was with 3 other sisters that were waiting for their trainy to come on Thursday too. We really didn't stay with just one person but swapped around all the time trying to get as much done as possible in the four areas. 
-Wednesday was a blur until that night when I got to go with the Spanish sister and teach some Spanish lessons. It's crazy how the Lord can help you when you need it and I was able to help teach those lessons with her and understand almost all of it. The best part was the prompting of the spirit that I was given. He told me to say and do things that didn't always make sense to me like when I was a little lost in the conversation and as I listened to them I could help those that we were teaching. Crazy cool how the Lord will help us you if you are willing. 
-Thursday. I got to pick up my new companion. WOW this girl is great and is so much like me! We have been having fun since the moment we met! Her name is Sister Livingston. She is from American Fork Utah and knows the Allen’s, she is friends with Nicole. She is also a great teacher and I think I might need to learn more from her than she needs to learn from me. She is hard working and ready to serve the Lord. Man this time with her is going to be so much fun! Oh ... She also sings all the time and we sound great together. 
-Friday was back to the flow of things more and we just had a blast serving and teaching! 

I Really love being a missionary, it's the best thing I have done so far in my life. To anyone that is thinking about severing a mission DO IT!  If you and contemplating if you should go, YOU SHOULD! And if you and a missionary KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! The blessings are out there go get them.  I love you all hope you have a good week. 
 -Sister Cannaday  


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