Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec 17th

DEC 17th
Hello everyone!
         It was so good to call home last night It's so good to know that everyone is doing so well and that everyone is happy. I miss you all so much and I don't think there is anything else, but serving the Lord that I could be away from you all and still be sane. I love you all. 
   So this week has been so much fun! I was able to go to a baptism for someone that I taught in Livermore. It was so amazing to see the people you teach come up out of the water and see that glow on their face. WOW! This work is so amazing it truly is the work of the Lord. There is so much happiness that comes from doing this work. The happiness is a miracle in it’s self.
         We have been working nonstop with less active this week and it has really made me think about how we really need the teach children and help them gain that testimony of the truth and help them build that foundation so that when they are on theirown they can stand on their own. 
   This was prefect timing because I also have been reading the story of the stripling warriors. They had such a solid foundation that even when their life's were at stake they had a perfect knowledge that the Lord would be by their side.  I hope that I can do that for my children and that we can all make that our goal. 
 I love you all and hope that you have a great Christmas.
Love, Sister Cannaday   


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