Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Here are two poems that people have written about Jillian while she has been on her mission!

If there is one thing I can say,
It's that I know a missionary true,
whom is as beautiful and sweet and the morning due.

When she wakes up to a brand new day,
her smile and kick in her step,
gives even the lowest of men a little pep.

She preaches that "the Son is the way."
When the people hear the great words that she spouts,
it makes their whole hearts erupt with joyful shouts.

The woman I speak of, if I may,
and whom for, in our hearts, we continually pray,
is the fair Sister Cannaday of Mission San Jose.
-Alan Cannaday (Jill's Older Brother)

This one is written by someone on her mission

I Asked The Lord for an Angel

Lord, you brought me an Angel
She was the brightest of them all
For her light was guided unto me
Even before I made the call

I can still see her on that first day
As if she had descended from Heaven
She was gracefully placed into the lives of my loved ones
"Oh Lord, why can I not ask her to stay?"

This Angel we call friend
This Angel we call family
This Angel who's smile and laugh brightens a room
This Angel who's eyes shine your Light, my Lord
This Angel who speaks your Truth
This Angel who spreads your Joy
This Angel who radiates your Love upon Thy world

As if that weren't enough....

She brought the Angels' Song down to Earth

So that everyone may hear it....

And know Thy Presence

This Angel....

They named Jillian

She is incredible! My mom talked to her mission president last week and he said that she is the best missionary he has ever had and that she would be perfect if only she could spell! HAHAHA! For those of your that know Jill she is a terrible speller! : ) 
Love this girl!


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