Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nov 19th

November 19th
Ok every one this week went by SO FAST!!!! Really I have never felt like time just went so fast ever in my life. It’s because we were working so hard and teaching so many people that! There were many days that we had to cancel dinner so we could teach everyone.  So Thanksgiving is this week so I wanted to tell you all what I'm thankful for.
1. The Gospel and it just being in my life.
2. Knowing that my Father in Heaven loves me
3. My family the one I have now and that family I will have in the future
4. Knowing that that family doesn’t end here that it will go on after this life
5. My Heavenly Father’s love for all those I meet
6. The yummy brussel sprouts I ate for lunch. It is such a blessing to have food to eat.
7. Being able to share this message with those that need it the most.
8. Being a missionary.
9. The spirit and how it testifies to all of us the truth and fills us with light
10. This wonderful body that I have been given so I can become more like my Father in Heaven.
11. Letters (hint hint)
12 .Our Savior and his atonement. Knowing if I will turn my heart to him all thing will be made right.
13. That those who don't have the chance to except the gospel in this life can in the next.
14. The scriptures so that we can learn the will of the father.
15. Knowing that no one else can take away my chance to return to my father. That I have my agency
16. The power of God being on the earth today.

   I could go on and on about the many many things I’m grateful for, but all of it is because I have a loving Heavenly Father that wants all of us to be happy here as long as we will keep his commandments we will be.
 Wow how blessed are we all that our Father lets us come down to this earth and gave us the opportunity to grow and make mistakes. I have been sent to a wonderful family here on earth and what a great blessing they have been to me here. I hope all of us take  the time to think about the things that we are thankful for and are truly eternal.  I hope you all have fun getting fat without me. Dad I miss the chocolate pie already. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! -Sister Cannaday


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