Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10th Lots of Pictures!

THANK YOU everyone for all the happy birthday wishes! I have never had so many in my whole life! You all made me feel so very special! I have to explain the picture of the cake. Mom sent me my favorite cake mix and frosting and I wanted to make it for my birthday on my birthday. We were going over to an investigators to have a little party / lesson and I wanted to bring it. First the cake didn't look very good to begin with because I had a really hard time trying to frost it, then we had to bring it with use and leave it in the car for two other lessons, and then on the way to the investigators house my companion tried to stop something from falling on the cake and instead stuck her hand in it splattering the cake all over the car and myself. The cake was a hot mess by the time we arrived, but it still tasted really good!!! Thank you mom! Thank you Jenni for the box of sunshine it was oddly needed the day it came and was greatly cherished as well. 
Covering two areas makes you feel like half of your brain is gone, but it is never boring and the Spanish is coming along great! I love the people so much and the food! Haha!  I truly believe that they think they are feeding a small army when they invite us to come over for dinner! And you have to finish everything on your plate or they take it as you not liking them.
We now also go to church from 8:30am.-4:00pm. and feels like the whole day has passed us by. It really is a humbling experience meeting all these new people and growing to love them so fast.
Thank you all again for the birthday wishes!
Love you all very much
Sister Cannaday 

Storm Time!

Flowers from Troy! 

Fun at an aquarium! 

Playing at the beach!


Shaky face picture!


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