Friday, April 27, 2012

April 25th

         Ok just so everyone knows I'm not dead or hurt I’m just super busy. We don't e-mail on our p-days here because the library isn't open so we have to just find the time in the week to write and there just has been no time. Every bit of time that we set aside for email the spirit tells us that we need to be somewhere less and that truly is where we should have been. This week was truly full of great teaching opportunities and the spirit. We found three new investigators, and two are golden. We taught this couple the first vision and that there is a prophet here today and they almost jump off the sofa with excitement. This was all said is Spanish so when they started to up off the sofa I wasn't sure what in the world was happening, and if I had miss understood the whole thing. They were yelling "Toms S Monson" over and over again. They were just so excited to know that God was still calling people to teach his gospel. We can't wait to go back and teach them I love finding people that are truly looking to find the truth. Another investigator we found lives a like bit off the beaten path and it makes you feel like you are in a movie driving through the jungle to get to their home. But she is ready to hear the gospel too. She visited her sister in Utah and put her self on a referral card for us to come teach her, before we could tell her anything she asked what time and where church was, ask us to come back, and asked for a Book of Mormon!
The only word that we could get in was “Halleluiah”!

Something else cool we got to do is help put temple clothes on one of the sisters that past way because none of her children are members. It was so sweet and neat because the spirit was so strong the whole time we where dressing her and she just looked so beautiful when she was all dressed. I was then reading in church on Sunday and found this quote from George Albert Smith:

" I have felt, since I was asked to speak at this funeral, that perhaps I would not be able to do so. My emotions have been stirred, and I have found myself incapable of controlling them, but since I came into this building a beautiful, sweet influence of peace has come into my soul. …

“Instead of mourning I feel to thank our Father in heaven for the Gospel of His Beloved Son that has been revealed anew in our day. … To know that life is eternal is a wonderful blessing,—to know that throughout eternity the blessings that this good man has lived for will be his. His mortal life has been terminated but this is only part of eternal life. He has laid the foundation deep and secure upon which he has built and will continue to build throughout eternity. The joy that he has experienced here upon earth will be added upon. …
“As I think of the experiences of people in the world, on occasions of this kind, I marvel how we have been blessed. I have no more doubt about eternal life and the immortality of the soul than I have that the sun shines at midday. … It is a sad thing to part with our dear ones, even temporarily. We send them upon missions, or they go to other parts of the world to live and we miss them. When an occasion like this occurs it seems that they are more distant, but as a matter of fact they are not, if we but understood. … Instead of extending the condolence that sometimes might go to those who are bereaved, I feel more like rejoicing this day that I know that this is not the end. …
“… So today, as I stand in your presence, when perhaps tears should be flowing, my soul is filled with comfort and satisfaction. I pray that that comfort may be in the lives of each of those who are bereaved

Everyone stay strong and remember the blessing it is to be a member of this church!

-Sister Cannaday


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