Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 2, 2012

Hello everyone!
Today is my six mouth mark of my mission can you believe how fast this is going? The time is just flying by and the my companion has told me that after this it goes super fast. AAAAAAAAAAaaaa...... it needs to slow down I love doing this way too much for it to be going by so fast. We are teaching so much here that the time is moving even faster every day. This past week has been one big blur. Yesterday we had one of our new investigators call us and ask us to come over and teach him in ten minutes. Well… he live in his home and isn't married so we had to find someone to come with us because we can't be there without another girl there. We made a few phone calls and no one answered so then we got in our car and started to drive to members home to ask them to come with us. Just in time for the lesson we found a sister who had moved in with her family for the summer and hasn’t found a job yet. The only thing is Roger, the man we were teaching, didn't speak English at all and neither did the Sister we brought, so she got to sit there and smile just like me. The lesson was great and I understood all most everything and I was even able to answer some of the questions he had that my companion couldn't and she didn’t' even have to translate. After the lesson we were talking on the way back to the car and my companion Sister Deatherage was telling me how hard it is to understand him because he is from a different accent. I truly know that the Lord is blessing me so that I can help ALL people we are teaching. The funniest part is that I had a harder time understanding my companion. Hahaha!

 Keep up the good work out there and never give up.
Love Sister Cannaday


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