Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012
Wow it was so good to here from most of you yesterday! It really is hard to be away for the ones that I love but I know that I'm doing the work of the Lord and that truly brings great joy in to my heart. I pray for all of you every night and I hope that everyone’s testimony is going. I know that this is the true church of God and that it is the only way we can find true joy and fell fulfilled. If I had to put in to words the way I feel about missionary work I don't think I really could, but the closest thing to this is the way I felt after a long day of shoveling snow for all those in the neighborhood that couldn’t do it for themselves! It’s like having a very tired body and full sprit, times ten + the best Sunday school lessons that spoke right to you. That is almost like a day as a missionary and I love it!

Right now in my new area I’m still trying to find out where everyone is and where the heck I'm!  I feel like mom trying to find where 10 of my friends lives for the first time! LOST! : )  But that should go a way soon, I hope. My new companion is so much fun! I wish I still had the gift of tongues though because I can't understand most of what she is saying, and she can't understand most of what anyone tells her. This leads to a lot of fun conversation. We are like two old people that need to put in their hearing aids! This was super frustrating this week but really really fun, I'm sure we will both get better at understanding each other. 

I love the people here and getting to know them is so much fun. The wards here are great they are super missionary minded and love missionaries. Livermore feels a lot like being in Utah, it already is starting to feel like home.
 If I could change one thing about my life before I came out I would take some of the distractions out of my life. There are so many things that we feel like we need to do that we really don't. I would put reading my scriptures over catching up on my favorite show, and spending time with family over friends. I would align my life more with my eternal goals than the temporary ones. I hope all of you can take a look into your life and set a goal, as a family or as a person, and make that step closer to God. We are building a foundation that we will have in this life and the one to come. YOU NEED TO BE A LIGHT TO THE WORLD!!!! Even if you are surrounded by LDS people you can still help lifted them.

 I wish there was a funny story to tell you but most of my week I spent getting lost and then getting lost again. Yes I can get lost following a GPS and I know that doesn’t surprise any of you. I drove in more circles and more U turns then ever before in my life this week. But no matter what is going on if you have faith the Lord will lift you up as long as you look for his hand in you life.

I miss you all and I will see you in just a year how crazy is that. Keep read the BOM and your prays will be answered.

Sister Cannaday.


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