Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012
We have been working our little tails off, here in Livermore. We had a really cool experience on Saturday. When I opened my personal study with pray I asked something I had ever asked before. I asked, that I would be led to study what I would need that day. I ended up reading in Matthew (I’m going to start reading the New Testament again.) Well as we were driving from an appointment that canceled we saw some people moving so we slowed down and asked if they would like some help. They were really grateful and accepted right a way so we parked and got out in our dresses and started moving boxes. It was an elderly couple that didn't have any family so the realtor, her husband, and a friend volunteered to help move them. The Friend was a little skeptic of us at first and read our nametags. You could tell he was trying to see if we were Mormon. It said Christ so he was ok for a little bit. Later he stated asking questions. He was trying to find out more and trip me up at the same time. It was so much fun because everything he asked, or quoted I had read that morning and had a wonderful spirit guided answers and a great big smile on my face. At the end I was teaching him stuff that only we believe and you could see the spirit testify that what I was saying was true. I was led and prepared for that day and that man. At the beginning he was ready the shew us away and in the end he told us that we were heaven sent. They weren't ready to have the missionary teach them, but we taught them by just being missionaries.

Things are moving along in Livermore, but slowly. Sometimes that’s Heavenly Fathers way, little by little.

I love you all and hope that you can open your eyes to the miracles in your life. I know that they are all around you if you want to find them.  I love you all and hope that you will seek the path God wants for you. It really is the only way to real lasting happiness.
Sister Cannaday.


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