Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 4th and 12th

June 4th
Yay! This week was great!  It started out on the wrong foot but ended strong. We also had a lot of fun. We really don't have very many people to teach right now, so that is pretty much all we are doing right now, finding finding finding, looking for those that are looking for the truth. Which is so much fun! We have found two or three new people that are really but no one like Nina yet.

So, last night Sister S. and I were walking back to our car after a lesson! We were parked about a block away from where we ended up and were late for out next appointment. We decided that we were going to race to the car. We were both wearing pencil skirts and found out very shortly that it’s very difficult to run in pencil skirts. We both tripped a little at first, but we kept going. We looked so silly running down the road like little penguins with giant bags on our backs. I was taking three steps for my normal ones. I now know how Jenni feels when she is trying to keep up with me. : )  (Love you Hattie)

Funny story #2: This morning I was reading in third Nephi where Christ come and visits the Americas. I was so excited that I was finally reading it that I leaned too far back and fell out of my chair! Hahah!  My companion really thinks I'm a “crazy white person”!

This week we had a really cool experience we were driving to a less active’s home to meet them for the first time when I had this thought to go street contacting. I thought “oh I will just go after” and turned left when I got this really strong feeling that I need to turn around, get out, and talk to people. So, I made a U turn and listened this time. We got out of the car and talked to two people, and then we bumped into a member of our ward. She looked at us and said “I have someone for you!'' she then gave us directions to where her two daughters were getting their hair cut and told us that we needed to go talk to the person cutting their hair. We went on and said this lady is so so so ready for the gospel and willing to listen. What a miracle it is that we were in the right place at the right time and that we listened to the spirit when we did. It's moments like these that make the truthfulness of what we teach and that we are set with divine guidance it is undeniable THIS CHRUCH IT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mission has really given me a new look on life. I have always been a happy person, but I have come to know that that is the way our Father has made us to be. Everything He gives us and every guideline is to bring us more joy, everlasting joy! What everyone wants, here in life, is to be happy and most are searching for it! How lucky are we that we know where we can find it. It may even seem strange to people that following commandments make you happy, but it really truly does. The key to happiness is to keep the commandments; it’s really that simple. If there is something in your life that is preventing your from keeping the commandments then change it. This doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy or stress free but "Men are that they might have JOY''  really our Father in heaven wants what is best for us and we can have it as long as we continually try to become closer to him. 

I love and miss my family so much and I want you all to have this joy. I'm telling you now that if you are looking for it somewhere else you are NOT going to find it. If you are just to lazy to do what you are asked then no one else but you are to blame for your unhappiness. NO one but you!!!!!!  I have seen so many people looking in wrong places. I so glad that I get to serve the Lord and be a tool in His hands when people are willing to open up there eyes to His plan for them, "The Plan of Happiness" I love you all, Please take a look at your life and change whatever is stopping you from having that great joy because our Father in Heaven in just waiting to give it to you!
-Sister Cannaday

June 12th
Jenni Hey there is a note at the bottum just for Troys mom His step dad past away this week. pleas make sure she gettes it and that it is'nt sent to anyone else !  Thank you so much for every thing you do for me.

Really nothing big has happened here in Livermore. My mission has a goal of 10 hours of service every week. It is the best way to soften people’s hearts really it is just so neat. We volunteered at the city’s rodeo to help handicapped people from their cars to their seats and back. It was a lot of fun! The lady that we were working with was just so impressed by the way we work hard, and were always smiling. She started asking question about us and one thing led to another and we thought her the first two lessons from just answering her questions. She told us, "I really like you two, I have never given missionaries the time of day. I'll have to make sure I tell them hi from now on." We asked if she would want us to come over and teach her more, but she told us no thank you! But she did say that the next time she works with missionaries she is going to have questions for them. I love watching the hearts of the people change in just a little amount of time. Everything else this week really didn't turn out the way we wanted it to, but that is just how it goes sometimes as a missionary. I love being a missionary! : )

Now I like to share something with you that has really helped me understand the purpose of our life here on earth it is from the book the Teachings of George Albert Smith. If you have not read it you should! Chapter 7: The Immortality of the Soul is a great chapter that you need read and not just read it but, pray for understanding that you need to take it in to your hearts and make it a part of you. I'm going to share just a little bit with you that I really loved.

George Albert Smith was blessed with a firm understanding of the purpose of life, and this enabled him to encourage others as they faced adversity. He frequently reminded the Saints that “we are living eternal lives”—that eternity doesn’t begin after this life but that mortality is a crucial part of eternity. “I sometimes have said to my friends when they seemed to be at the crossroads, uncertain as to which way they wanted to go, ‘Today is the beginning of eternal happiness or eternal disappointment for you.’”1
President Smith testified of these truths at the funeral services of Hyrum G. Smith, Patriarch to the Church, who had passed away at a relatively young age, leaving behind his wife and eight children:
“I have felt, since I was asked to speak at this funeral, that perhaps I would not be able to do so. My emotions have been stirred, and I have found myself incapable of controlling them, but since I came into this building a beautiful, sweet influence of peace has come into my soul. …
“Instead of mourning I feel to thank our Father in heaven for the Gospel of His Beloved Son that has been revealed anew in our day. … To know that life is eternal is a wonderful blessing,—to know that throughout eternity the blessings that this good man has lived for will be his. His mortal life has been terminated but this is only part of eternal life. He has laid the foundation deep and secure upon which he has built and will continue to build throughout eternity. The joy that he has experienced here upon earth will be added upon. …
“As I think of the experiences of people in the world, on occasions of this kind, I marvel how we have been blessed. I have no more doubt about eternal life and the immortality of the soul than I have that the sun shines at midday. … It is a sad thing to part with our dear ones, even temporarily. We send them upon missions, or they go to other parts of the world to live and we miss them. When an occasion like this occurs it seems that they are more distant, but as a matter of fact they are not, if we but understood. … Instead of extending the condolence that sometimes might go to those who are bereaved, I feel more like rejoicing this day that I know that this is not the end. …
“… So today, as I stand in your presence, when perhaps tears should be flowing, my soul is filled with comfort and satisfaction. I pray that that comfort may be in the lives of each of those who are bereaved.”

I hope everyone has a great week and finds away to build the foundation we need to carry us through the hared times. I love you all! Stay strong! The Lord in by your side!
- Sister Cannaday


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