Friday, June 1, 2012

May 29, 2012

This week has been crazy! We have been teaching like crazy, eating like crazy, and well going crazy!!!!! I love being a missionary but man it’s hard sometimes! 'm finding strength in the Lord and hope in his work. We had a baptism here in Livermore this week and it was the last member of a Indian family that I have just come to love so much! They are so kind and sweet and she is teaching me to cook Indian food. They won’t let us leave without eating every time we go over there, so I have been learning a lot! Oh the things you do for the Lord....:) She also had us dress up as her special guest for church the day she was confirmed which was SO cool! 
This week I also got to go back to Morgan Hill for Nina, my old investigators baptism. It was sooo… cool to see her get baptized I really love that woman. In the story of The Waters of Mormon the people that were baptized saw the waters of Mormon as a beautiful place of reverence because, that is where they came to know their Redeemer. I know now why every one loves where they serve their mission because you grow to know your redeemer more and watch other do so as well which strengthens your faith and testimony so much! Missions are the best! 
We had a really cool service experience this week! There is a woman that has been being thought for a long time and is really struggling with her belief in God and we have been trying to help her in any way that we could. This week we helped her clean out here daughter’s room and as we did we sang hymns and talked about how the spirit guides us! The spirit was so strong that she didn't want to leave the room and neither did her daughter. The next time we went back they told us that they stayed in that room all day and just loved the peace that was there! It was so super cool! : )
Stay strong and do the little things! I meant it they really matter!

Yes Alex I did put the wrong address the first time I gave it to you all! I'm so sorry!
Here it is again;
Sister Jillian Cannaday
1736 Paseo Laguna Seco
Livermore, CA 94551
This is the real address. And Jenni I did yet the letter you sent me even though it was to the wrong address!

Sister Cannaday : ) 


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